Friendlies Discount Deals

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Discount Deals (DDs) appear at the top of the AudioFriendlies Home page, advertising heavily-discounted audiobooks. Each DD includes the discount amount and a link to the relevant purchase page.

DDs usually run for two weeks, commencing on a Sunday. (If this doesn’t work for you, let me know at the end of the application form). To run a DD, your audiobook must be at least 25% off for the duration of the DD. Each audiobook can only have a DD once every four months.

In order for an audiobook to be available at a reduced price, your audiobook generally has to be selling ‘wide’ (rather than exclusive to Amazon/Audible/Apple.) A reduced price can be accomplished in two ways:

  • you have a promotion running elsewhere – for instance, you’ve been granted a Chirp deal, or you’ve applied for a limited-time promotional price through Findaway Voices, (or you’re lucky enough to have your book selected for a promo at Audible or Amazon).
  • your book is uploaded to a provider where you can make your own promo codes giving set % or $ discounts. (Audio hosters/apps providing this service include and Click here for info

The cost of a DD is $15, however the cost is waived for any audiobook piggy-backed off AudioFriendlies’ Glassboxx or Mysoundwise account. (Click here for info on glassboxx & mysoundwise)