Alabama Admirer: States of Love, Book 1

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I trusted a beautiful stranger with my little girl. When the worst thing imaginable happens, I will do anything to protect them both.

While in line at his favorite fast food restaurant, Xander's daughter announces that she needs to use the restroom.

The men's room is occupied and Xander isn't welcome in the ladies' room, so he asks the beautiful woman he's been secretly admiring for help.

Kate is more than happy to oblige the sexy man and adorable child.

None of them could have predicted what happens next, but it will forever change all three of their lives.

Was Xander wrong to send his little girl with Kate? Find out when you listen to Alabama Admirer.

The States of Love books feature scorching stories with heat, heart, suspense, and laughter. Dive in to enjoy hunky heroes, strong heroines, seductive instalove, sizzling bedroom scenes, and satisfying happily ever after endings. Start listening to Alabama Admirer now to satisfy your steamy romance craving.

Features duet narration by Gunnar Qualen and Jenna St. Claire!