ASMR Bedtime Stories for Adults: Calm Your Mind, Reduce Stress, and Fall Asleep Fast

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Do you struggle to quiet your thoughts and switch off before bed? Are you looking for a way to calm your mind and ease insomnia?ASMR Bedtime Stories for Adults contains 10 relaxing short stories narrated in a soothing, softly spoken voice, to help you destress and slow down your racing mind before sleep.
Each calming tale has been specially designed to contain no real plotline or overly stimulating action, but instead, lots of descriptions of relaxing scenarios and pleasant sensations (including some popular ASMR triggers).
Join the characters in a stroll along the beach, a massage at the spa, a camping trip under the stars, and a visit to a majestic castle.
The stories will give your mind something to focus on but will not keep you awake wanting to know what happens next - the perfect tool to distract your busy thoughts and prepare for a restful night's sleep.
Story titles: "The Beach", "The Spa", "Sunday", "The Rose Garden", "The Apothecary Shop", "A Walk in the Wild", "Sleeping Under the Stars", "Autumn", "The Castle", "The Cabin"