Blinky Bill, Book 1

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Blinky Bill is a mischievous koala who lives in the Australian bush. Keen for adventure, he sets off to see the world. On his journeys, he makes trouble in Miss Pimm's shop, meets Old Wombo (Mr. Wombat), joins a frog choir, and gets invited to a rabbit's birthday party. 

Blinky Bill was written by Dorothy Wall, a New Zealand-born Australian author, and has been adapted for television and cinemas. 

This is the first book of three in The Complete Adventures of Blinky Bill series.


  • Chapter 1: "The New Arrival"
  • Chapter 2: "A Tragedy"
  • Chapter 3: "Naughty Escapades"
  • Chapter 4: "Frog Hollow"
  • Chapter 5: "The Rabbits' Party"

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