Drawn: The Complete Series + Bonus Material

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What do you do when you can't stay away?
A simple knock on a door will introduce me to a tortured soul named Damien—an artist and a fighter—our ties run deeper than I can imagine. This man is my vice and knowing him will change my life forever.
Most of the time, I want to hate him. He's so cocky, and arrogant. And he gets in the way and tells me what to do. He's everything I normally detest in a man. But, when we're alone… I can't even think—the pull is that intense.He's bad news.I know I should run.
I know I should stay away.
I know I should choose someone else.
But I don't know if I'm strong enough.Choose for me.What do you do when you can't stay away? Even when you know you should…Full series boxset + Bonus material (short story).
Reminiscent of the idea put forth in the movie Sliding Doors, comes the Drawn Series, the first romance where you get to decide the outcome of a love triangle. Do you want the bad boy or the good guy? It's entirely up to you. And in this boxset, it's easier than ever to choose. Simply read Drawn and make your decision. Then navigate to the next book of your choice to choose your favourite Hero. If you can't choose, simply listen through and experience the Sliding Doors effect where a different choice, a conversation left out, or a twist of fate, can send a person in a completely different direction.