Pete Has Risen from the Grave: Pete, Drinker of Blood, Book 2

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Book two in the Pete, Drinker of Blood series!Being a vampire in Hollywood should mean livin' it up. Pete killed the bad guy, got the girl, and didn't even lose his job in the process - but it's never that easy, is it? Trouble soon rolls into town in the shape of Angie's deadbeat dad, on the run from a gang who practice the basest form of the dark arts.
Now, Pete not only has to meet the dad and fight off a bunch of greasy New York sorcerers, there's also a new blood-drinker in town, and he's got his sights - and fangs - set on Angie. Looks like somebody's gonna find themselves on the wrong side of her vampire boyfriend.
Join Pete as he strives to overcome evil and answer the question: How does a guy live a normal life when he's not quite dead?If you dig Mercy Thompson, Harry Dresden, or Sandman Slim and you're looking for a fun new urban fantasy series, check out Pete as he struggles to survive undeath on the streets of Hollywood! Titles include Pete, Drinker of Blood, Doorchick of Darkness, Pete Has Risen From the Grave, Taste the Blood of Pete, The Room-Temperature Warrior, and more coming soon!
From the author: I'm a big fan of classic bloodsucking vampires including B-movie vampires, but I also enjoy humorous looks at what it would be like to be an "everyday" vampire, like in What We Do in the Shadows. How does a vampire without a big spooky castle just get through the day - uh, night? That's what l like to explore in the Pete books. After working in a video store for years and then running my own video store for more years, I've seen thousands of B-movies - and written reviews for many of them, which led to my review collection Unsafe on Any Screen. Working in filmmaking in both the Hollywood and indie worlds influenced my novel Squirrel Eyes. I've met a lot of vampires during all of this, and it got me thinking about what it would be like to be an average guy who just happened to be a vampire.
In Pete Has Risen from the Grave, the stakes (ahem) are higher for Pete and his human girlfriend, Angie, the action is crazier, and the vampires face some serious trouble from sinister magic-users!